Valorant KAY/O Changes: What Do We Want?

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant's KAY/O is the subject of much discussion among the player base lately. With the upcoming Patch 3.03, many are eager to see changes or balancing implemented to the game's newest Agent, and Riot Games has teased as much. With such a large player base, it's hard to nail down what exactly players want, or even what the game actually needs.

What does KAY/O, and Valorant as a whole, need to do to to achieve the best of both worlds?

Valorant KAY/O Changes: What Do We Want?

There seems to be many gripes with KAY/O's utility right now, but it can all be boiled down to his suppression ability, ZERO/point (E). The actual suppression is fine in theory, but as it currently is, the range of his knife is too wide for many players, allowing him to perform recon as well as prevent his opponents' abilities. Reducing the effective range of ZERO/point would allow KAY/O to suppress his opponents, without letting the other team walk all over him.

His other abilities, FRAG/ment (C) and FLASH/drive (Q) have received less feedback, mainly because they're a standard grenade and flashbang. The development team could do some tweaking, like reducing the radius of FRAG/ment, or the stun time for FLASH/drive, but these seem to be fine as is.

That just leaves KAY/O's ultimate ability, NULL/cmd (X). While ZERO/point has gathered most fans' attention, NULL/cmd has prompted some player feedback, with both its suppression aspect, as well as the ability to revive KAY/O if downed while using NULL/cmd. This seems trickier, and could be handled with reducing the amount of time KAY/O can be revived, or making the revive time longer.

For now, KAY/O mains and detractors will be waiting for Patch 3.03, and see just how much KAY/O changes.