Valorant KAY/O Release Date

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant announced their newest Agent, the robotic combatant KAY/O. Armed with the ability to suppress other Agents' abilities, he adds a brand new dimension to the game. For players eager to unlock and play with KAY/O as soon as possible, many are curious about when KAY/O will be available to the public, and when players can begin grinding out his contract to unlock the new Agent. With Episode 3 on way, here's when KAY/O will release on Valorant.

Valorant KAY/O Release Date

KAY/O will release June 22, alongside the newest Episode in Valorant. The specific time at which Episode 3 will go live is yet to be determined, but the best guess is late morning, or early into the afternoon for North America players. European players will most likely have to wait longer than their American counterparts.

As with any new Agent, players are thrilled, and ready to play KAY/O as soon as possible. His utility kit is defined by his signature ability to suppress Agents, with a grenade and flash to support his gunplay. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, June 22 will be a big day for Valorant's development team, and the player base.

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