Valorant Killjoy Abilities Apparently Leaked

An in-depth look at the abilities of Killjoy.
An in-depth look at the abilities of Killjoy. | Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Killjoy is expected to be the newest agent coming to Riot Games popular 5-v-5 shooter Valorant.

While first appearing as only a mysterious silhouette, a new video emerged apparently showcasing Killjoys' abilities and kit. Take a look for yourself below from the video posted by Twitter user floxay.

Valorant Killjoy Abilities Apparently Leaked

Killjoys' abilities seem to provide utility that allows for quickly identifying enemy locations. The potential new character seems like a hybrid between Cypher and Raze and has the potential to be an absolute powerhouse on defense.

While there is no official description information available for Killjoys' abilities initial impressions seem fairly self explanatory. View all of Killjoys' alleged abilities below.


Killjoy places an Alarmbot that guards an area. Enemies who enter the area trigger the Alarmbot taking damage and revealing their position.


Killjoy places an unmanned Turret that shoots at enemies who cross its' path. While unconfirmed, it appears to guard only one direction.


Killjoy throws a nano grenade that impacts a small area. Enemies who remain in the area at the end of duration take considerable damage.


Killjoy places a giant dome that seemingly traps all enemies caught. At the end of the duration enemies who remain in the dome are slowed and damaged.