Valorant Misericordia Melee Leaked

Riot Games

Valorant developer Riot Games has added numerous gun skins to the game since its conception in 2020. These skins help give the game a fresh feeling and allows players to come back whenever new skins are released.

Even with the new season starting less than a month ago, there is already a couple skin lines that have been added to the game and are available to purchase. This year's skins started with the Araxys bundle, and the Luna bundle became available a week ago.

There is another skin line coming to Valorant soon, but this one is a little different from the rest because it will only be a melee weapon. Check out the latest leak from reputable community source ValorLeaks on Twitter.

Valorant Misericordia Melee Leaked

According to ValorLeaks, the new bundle is called VCT LOCK//IN, as the name highlights the upcoming Valorant tournament transpiring from Feb. 13 to March 4.

This bundle will include a melee skin named Misericordia, and it will have four different colors to choose from. Additionally, the bundle will include VCT LOCK//IN player cards and one spray. The bundle, according to the leak, should be released on Feb. 8 to give players time to purchase it before the tournament begins.