Valorant Needs to Add a Mute Option for Pings

Valorant has been a welcome surprise from the labs of Riot Games since its Closed Beta launch on April 7. Although the closed beta test has been hailed by content creators, pros and casuals alike, there have been bugs, unintended interactions and gripes that have crept up in the time since release. One such quality-of-life issue that deserves addressing by the devs is the recent ping spam (sping) troll players have been levying against their own teammates.

Reddit user Kyleleonsmith as well as other players have taken to the platform to complain about gamers repeatedly sending pings to teammates, even when there is nothing beneficial to the team to report or point out. Scripts and macros for the beta client have also started to pop up, letting others send pings to their other four teammates faster than should even be humanly possible.

Utilizing such macros seems to have the side-effect of dropping the frame-per-second (fps) of the client for anyone else in that lobby - sometimes rendering the game unplayable. To make matters more frustrating; currently there is no in-game solution to mute the pings coming from your teammates. Although muting them via text/audio chat is permissible, silencing the individual pings and callouts coming from Agents is not.

What is the Ping System for?

The ping system is used by developers to provide a way for players to communicate important and immediate information to their team - without the use of a microphone to impart that information directly. Used heavily in First Person Shooters such as Valorant, the system allows players without headsets/mics, including those with disabilities to be able to contribute fully to the team-game experience.

With an exploit as debilitating and client-side affecting as this, rest assured Riot Games is fully aware of the issue as well as tackling fixes and work-arounds for letting players mute ping spamming individuals. Restricting closed beta access to those found using exploits and macros to further hurt other players' game performance is also being tackled by the development support team.