Valorant New Oni 2.0 Bundle Teased by Riot Games

Could a new Oni bundle be on the way in Valorant?
Could a new Oni bundle be on the way in Valorant? / Riot Games

Riot Games has hinted at a brand new bundle in Valorant, and it could be the Oni 2.0.

One of the most popular cosmetic collections available in Valorant could be getting a "second coming." The original Oni skin collection featured a Bucky, Guardian, Phantom, Shorty, and a Claw melee weapon when it first released back in 2020. Now, thanks to a recent teaser, players could get their hands on a new katana melee.

The teaser came via the official Valorant account, where some official art depicts a demon mask (or Oni) with green vapor emitting from the eyes. The vapor wraps itself around katana-like melee weapons. In the background, a large moon shines through cherry blossom trees.

The image is accompanied by the kanji "再来" which can be translated to "return," "coming back," or "second coming."

Is a New Oni Bundle Coming to Valorant?

A new iteration of the Oni bundle was also previously teased by Valorant leak account, @ValorLeaks. The account claimed that the Oni 2.0 bundle was next to arrive and "will contain a vandal and a katana as the melee."

The leaks went on to say, "Each weapon in the bundle will contain the original 4 Variants, the katana will also have the same variants," and that the katana is going to be something completely new and not the same as the RGX Blade.

At the time of writing, a release date for the Oni 2.0 bundle has yet to be announced by Riot Games.