Valorant Nice Smile Gun Buddy: How to Claim

Photo by Riot Games

The Valorant Nice Smile Gun Buddy was released in partnership with Riot Games and Prime Gaming, and plenty of players are eager to add this gun buddy to their collection. Like other collaborations with Riot and Prime Gaming, claiming the free cosmetic is an easy process, and just involves linking your Riot Games account and Prime Gaming account. Here's how Valorant players can add the Nice Smile accessory to their collection.

Valorant Nice Smile Gun Buddy: How to Claim

As previously mentioned, Valorant players will need both their Riot Games account and a Prime Gaming account, which is available via Amazon Prime. Before claiming, you'll have to link up your Riot and Prime Gaming accounts, so they know where to send the gun buddy. Here are the steps needed to do so:

  • First, head to Twitch and log in to your Twitch account.
  • From there, open another tab, and sign into your Riot Games account.
  • Next, switch back to the tab with Twitch open, click on your profile in top right corner.
  • Go to Settings, and then select Connections.
  • Scroll down to Riot Games and select Connect
  • Finally, click Authorize.
  • Congrats, you've just linked your Riot Games and Prime Gaming accounts.

With that, you're able to claim the Nice Smile gun buddy. Head to the Valorant section of Prime Gaming, then click on the Nice Smile gun buddy. Hit "Claim Now" and that will do it. Check your collection in Valorant next time, and it should be there.

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