Valorant Night Market April 2023 Leaked

Valorant's April Night Market drops on Apr. 5.
Valorant's April Night Market drops on Apr. 5. / Riot Games

According to leaks, Night Market returns to Valorant on Apr. 5.

Night Market's return to the in-game store means players have a chance at obtaining quality gun skins at a reduced cost. For a limited time, players can buy discounted weapon skins they might have been hesitant to buy at full price.

To enter the Night Market, players simply need to hit the logo in the top right-hand corner of the game's opening screen. Then, after turning over their cards, players will find six randomized weapon skins available to purchase.

Here's a breakdown of the April Night Market.

Valorant Night Market April 2023 Leaked

According to ValorLeaks, the Night Market will return on Apr. 5. Night Markets usually last for two weeks, but the April Night Market will not end until Apr. 25. Players will have plenty of time to decide if they want to purchase any of the offered weapon skins.

The photo tweeted by ValorLeaks features an arcade in the background, possibly hinting at a release of the Arcade Collection from the Valorant Closed Beta. The skins have never been available in Valorant history.

Now confirmed by Riot Games, the April Night Market goes live on Apr. 5 at 8 p.m. ET.