Valorant Night Market December 2021 Schedule

Photo courtesy Riot Games

The Valorant Night Market December 2021 schedule is still a mystery for the Valorant community. But the event is usually marked by monumental events that are happening around the world or significant events that have happened within Riot Games. Even knowing that the Night Market comes around significant events, no one can be sure of the exact drop of the discount day.

With the Christmas season approaching, players are awaiting the return of the Night Market. The event is a pop-up discount day where Valorant skins are more affordable for players to buy so that they can customize their weapons when playing.

Valorant Night Market December 2021 Schedule

The normal price of skins can be quite steep for some players, so this day gives those who can’t afford the normal rate of skins, or those who just want to test their luck, an opportunity to purchase them.

But Riot does not make it easy on the players to know when exactly this event will happen, having it be mostly a mystery to players.

In a reddit post, user Mustard_Castle had responded to posting about the Night Market, they had stated that there is no real schedule, that it usually is based on significant events either around the world.

But Mustard_Castle gave a necessary disclaimer that many players overlook, and that is the skins one can get are all randomized, and that liking the skin versus getting the skin for a good price are two different things to keep in mind.

So for now the Night Market is still unknown, but players should keep a lookout for the next Night Market.