Valorant Nunca Olvidados Skins Release Date

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Riot Games has just announced the newest skin set, Nunca Olvidados, coming to the game. This skin set will be a base model set, with no extra animations or finishers. It will also be the last skin set to launch before the beginning of the next Act most likely.

Here is everything players need to know about the skin set and when it will release.

Valorant Nunca Olvidados Skins Release Date

This new skin set will be release tomorrow, Oct. 20. It will most likely be available until the end of the current Act. This skin set is based off of Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) in Mexican culture. These skins also have the interesting element of changing art based on where the player stands on the map. Whether the player stands in light or darkened areas change which of the two sides of art on the gun will be facing the player model.

The bundle will be available starting for a relatively cheap 5,100 Valorant Points. Many have expressed excitement for the melee in this bundle specifically as it has the same pull out animation as the fan favorite Ruin dagger, while also having a very interesting design of its own. Players can experience all the weapons in this bundle, including a Frenzy, Bulldog, Ares, Vandal and the melee weapon when the bundle launches Oct. 20.