Valorant Origin Bundle Details Leaked

A new skin bundle for Valorant was revealed online
A new skin bundle for Valorant was revealed online / Photo by Riot Games

The Valorant Origin Bundle leaked online, and players who got an unexpected glimpse at the new skins loved what they saw. With skins being a key part of the cosmetic appeal to Valorant, getting new skins announced is always a big deal, especially with Valorant's first anniversary taking place right now.

For those eager for more information about the skins, and when players can get their hands on them, look no further.

Valorant Origin Bundle Leaked

In an exclusive interview with developers, Valorant content creator DiegoteTV got a preview of the new Origin Bundle, and inside information on the developers' thought process when creating the skins. For Origin specifically, the developers were going for, "a sci-fi approach to something that feels a bit more ancient and magical." In addition, the developers have also emphasized how the skin sounds, and the animated flourishes for each gun when equipped with an Origin skin.

The Origin Bundle will contain skins for the Frenzy, Bucky, Operator, and Vandal, as well as a melee skin. Going beyond that, the Origin skins will also have different color options, with Red, Green, Black, and White variants available for purchase, allowing players to choose their preferred color palette for the Origin skins.

As far as price and the release date of the bundle, that's a little more murky, but it's quite possible that it could be released during Valorant's Year 1 celebration, alongside the Give Back Bundle. For price, there hasn't been an official announcement, but players can most likely expect it to be similar to bundle prices in the past.