Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack: Skins, Price, Release Date

Fans can now get the Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack.
Fans can now get the Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack. / Riot Games

Riot Games just released the first skins for the Outlaw Sniper in the Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack.

Valorant Episode 8 Act 1 is finally here with the highly anticipated new weapon, the Outlaw Sniper. As the first new gun in Riot Games' FPS since the beta, the Outlaw immediately gained the attention of the Valorant community and already, fans are claiming the sniper is absolutely broken. Damage statistics aside, though, the Outlaw of course needed to be added to a few skinlines in Valorant to further make its mark in the major update.

Fortunately, Riot Games released the Outlaw Throwback Pack that brings two familiar skins to the Outlaw in Patch 8.0.

Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack: Skins

The Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack adds the Outlaw to the Ego and Prism III collections. Each skin comes with the following four variants:

  • Ego Outlaw: white, red, tan, purple
  • Prism Outlaw: gold, pink, green, purple

The pack also comes with an Outlaw Player Card, Gun Buddy, Spray, and Title.

Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack: Price

The Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack costs 2,320 VP. Compared to the new Kuronami skins, priced at 9,500 VP, the Outlaw skins are significantly cheaper. Of course, the only downside is that you are only getting skins for one weapon as opposed to the five offered in the Kuronami Bundle.

If you are short on VP, you can always purchase more in-game currency to collect both new bundles. Simply click the VP icon next to the Shop tab, and follow the on-screen instructions to add more VP to your account.

Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack: Release Date

The Valorant Outlaw Throwback Pack was released on Jan. 10, 2024. Players can now find the bundle in the shop with the launch of Episode 8 Act 1.

As of now, there have been no further information from Riot Games or prominent Valorant leakers regarding more skins for the Outlaw. As we all wait for the weapon to receive S-Tier skins, check out the top five skinlines we think would be perfect for the sniper.