Valorant Patch 1.02: 5 Things We Want

Jet could use a buff in Valorant Patch 1.02.
Jet could use a buff in Valorant Patch 1.02. / Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Patch 1.02 is expected to come soon and address some bug fixes. Here are five things we want to see in the next Valorant update.

Valorant Patch 1.02: 5 Things We Want

5 - Viper and Jett Buff/Sage and Cypher Nerf

Viper is the worst Agent in the game, and there's really no reason to ever play her. Jett is also down there, and it'd be nice to see some quality of life improvements for these Agents who got left out. Sage and Cyper still dominate, so maybe we'll see them get knocked down again.

4 - Vanguard Optimization

Some players on lower end and older hardware have reported problems crashing their computers on the live version of Valorant, when they had no issues running the beta. Most of these issues seem to come from Vanguard, which has its own history of bugs.

3 - XP Increases

Many players have complained that the XP yield for weekly missions is too low. It was increased slightly as suggested, but players are finding it still to go too slowly. It'd be nice to get a buff to XP, so we can hit the rewards at more satisfying rate.

2 - Toggle Walk Fix

This bug is really annoying. There's a glitch right now affecting Toggle Walk, making it so you never actually toggle back to run. Many players use toggle walk to save some wrist strain. The glitch has been present since last week, and did not receive a hotfix.

1 - Competitive

Competitive play wasn't here on launch, but Director Joe Ziegler confirmed that we'll be seeing it by next week. We hope it'll be sooner than later.