Valorant Patch 1.05: 5 Things We Don't Want

Patch 1.05 is coming and so are changes to the game
Patch 1.05 is coming and so are changes to the game | Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Patch 1.05 is likely coming Aug. 4. Like any patch, it will probably have changes that people don't like.

Here's five things we don't want to see in the latest Valorant patch.

Radical Changes to Raze

Raze might be a bit broken right now, but there's a line between giving her a much needed nerf and stripping away what makes her feel so fun and unique to play. Some players feel her damage output is too high, but that shouldn't come at the cost of her kit becoming useless.

Operator Nerf

The weapon's problem isn't with the Operator itself, but more the map design and player speed just set it up for success. A buff to movement speed might help alleviate the problem as well as offer more mechanical options in terms of prioritizing dodging or aiming. Buffing utility abilities like Phoenix's Curveball or Jett's Cloudburst might also help balance things out.

Back Tracking on Guardian Changes

Opinions on the Guardian changes from Patch 1.03 are fairly mixed. Some people like the lower price point and wall penetration while others mourn the loss in fire rate. A happy medium would be lowering its cooldown rate slightly instead of a full reversion.

Sage Nerfs

Once again the reason why Sage seems so OP isn't necessarily because of her abilities, those were nerfed recently to put them on par with the rest of the roster. It's because she is the only member of the roster that can heal other party members. Simply adding more agents with healing abilities that extend past themselves or facing her with weapons capable of pulling a waist up, one shot immediately decreases her utility.

Cypher Nerfs

Cypher is currently one of the best information gatherers in the game, but as he's been picked up more and more in the meta, people have been learning strategies to counter him. His ultimate is really the only thing pushing him over the edge as top info gatherer in place of another Agent like Sova. Additionally, with an Agent that looks to be a hacker on the horizon, there might be a counter in the works for his Trapwires.