Valorant Patch 1.09 Includes Major Changes to the Operator

Valorant Patch 1.09 is pushing through massive changes to the Operator
Valorant Patch 1.09 is pushing through massive changes to the Operator / Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Patch 1.09 pushed through some massive changes to the Operator as well as
another much needed buff for Viper. Here's the rundown on everything that has changed.

All weapons have also been adjusted to account for jump peeking. Jump inaccuracy has been adjusted to last longer, from .2 to .225, exist as a binary state (will wear of completely after the duration is over as opposed to gradually wearing off through out the duration) and the level of inaccuracy itself has been changed from 5 to 7.

Valorant Patch 1.09 Weapons Updates

The Operator's price has been increased from 4,500 to 5,000, scoped movement speed has been decreased from 76% to 72%, Weapon accuracy has been adjusted so that it now looses accuracy at 15% move speed as opposed to 30%, firing rate has been decreased from .75 to .6, instant equip time has been increased from 0.3 to 0.5, and finally leg shot damage has been decreased from 127 to 120.

These changes have been implemented to try and increase re-peek penalties, break the Operator's strangle hold on angles and allow more counter play.

Valorant Patch 1.09 Agent Updates

Viper received the largest overhaul in Patch 1.09 and all of the changes are in her favor. Viper will now start each round with 100 fuel instead of 50, the Vulnerable debuff from her Snake Bite will remain for two seconds after leaving her acid, her move speed is now doubled when casting Viper's Pit and after casting she'll now fast equip her weapons.

Jett's Blade Storm burst fire has been nerfed. The time between consecutive bursts has been increased from .33 seconds to .45, Daggers thrown in burst will now have damage fall off after 12m with a minimum damage of 35. The headshot multiplier for the burst has ben decreased from 3x to 2x.

Omen's Paranoia has had its VFX adjusted to better represent its hitbox. Reyna's fire rate bonus from Empress has been decreased from 25% to 15 and Brimstone's fire rate bonus from Stim Beacon has been increased to 15% from 10%.

Valorant Patch 1.09 General Updates

The chances of getting stuck in a queue for over an hour have been hopefully decreased. Players with inappropriate Riot IDs will be forced to change them if reported. Removed multiple line breaks in messages, push to talk changes will take effect immediately and chat windows can now be pinned to stay open while using menus.