Valorant Patch 1.14: Full List of Agent and Map Changes

Valorant Patch 1.14
Valorant Patch 1.14 / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant Patch 1.14 dropped Dec. 8. The patch brings a lot of focus to highly disputed Icebox map.

Aside from a strong focus on Icebox, agent Sage received some updates as well to help balance her out some of the game modes were updated as well.

Valorant Patch 1.14

Icebox has received plenty of criticism since its release date. Players have accused it of being too much like a Call of Duty map with too many angles that and high points that only a handful of agents can reach.

The updates to the map are centered on addressing these issues with many of the higher structures being cut down and reworking some angles so every corner isn't a 90 degree deathtrap. Most changes were made to A site to balance it out and give both sides an even playing field.

The balcony on the attacking side of A site was dropped down and a ramp was added to the Eastern wall so players can go back up if they decide to drop down. Crates in the Eastern defending corner were also brought down to allow players to see over them.

B site had the two crates at B Yellow cut down to abut a crate and a half instead of being two crates tall. These changes in verticality are expected to make attacking easier, while also making retaking the sites easier.

Sage was a heavy focus on the patch as she received several changes. The main change comes to her Barrier ability. The wall no longer loses health over time. Instead it only deteriorates right before it is about to collapse.

Sage's Barrier Orb is no longer able to be placed during the buy phase either. This helps address the exploit of allowing Omen to get the barriers during the start of each round.

Patch 1.14 has other updates to some game modes and in game functions that can be found here. Be sure to stay updates on the best agents and the Patch 1.14 tier list so you can climb the ranked ladder.