Valorant Patch 2.0 Notes: Full List of Changes

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Patch 2.0 notes were revealed Jan. 12 detailing changes to two Agents, the release of Yoru and more.

Riot Games' round-based FPS Valorant has been growing in popularity since its Summer 2020 release. The developer continues to roll out changes including balance updates to current characters, weapons, quality of life updates and more. As is important with hero-based games, new characters breathe fresh air into the game.

Yoru is the newest Agent to join the roster giving fans a new way to win games.

Valorant Patch 2.0 Notes: Full List of Changes

Here's a full list of changes in Valorant Patch 2.0:



  • Stim Beacon now quick casts, no longer has an equip time
  • Molotov cost reduced from $300 to $200
  • Sky Smokes cast range increased from 4200 to 5000
  • Smoke duration increased from 14.25 to 19.25
  • Brimstone no longer makes a sound that enemies can hear when confirming the location of his smokes


  • Paranoia cost increased from $200 to $400
  • Dark Cover projectile speed decreased from 4000 to 2800

Classic Pistol

  • Jumping error increased from .4 to 1.0
  • Increased input queue on right-click from 0.065 to .225
  • Firing consecutively now jumps in error, starting at 1.9 for the first burst, 2.5 for th second and the third/fourth are set at 6.0
  • Right-click now has a recovery curve starting at .1 seconds

Competitive Updates

  • New competitive regional leaderboards
  • Rank system updated, including a rank progress bar, numerical progress and further distribution changes to make it easier to climb
  • Immortal and Radiant ranks are capped at a premade size of two
  • New ranked rewards for Episode 1

For more information on bug fixes in Patch 2.0, check out Riot Games' official post here.