Valorant Patch 2.08 Agent Tier List

How does your favorite agent rank in our 2.08 patch tier list?
How does your favorite agent rank in our 2.08 patch tier list? / Photo by Riot Games

With the rolling out of Valorant's 2.08 patch, Riot Games has released a long-awaited new map for fans to experience with Breeze. In addition, Riot has also made some tweaks and changes that will impact how its roster of 15 Agents plays going forward. With this tier list, we'll be examining the patch notes provided, and helping you identify which Agents are trending up, down, and staying the same.

Valorant Patch 2.08 Agent Tier List

S Tier - Jett, Killjoy, Raze, Sova, Sage

Valorant Jett
Jett still remains a top tier Agent / Photo by Riot Games

If some of these names look familiar at the top, well it's because they're still some of the best Agents in the game currently. Jett has received minor nerfs, even still, she's a common pick in the pro scene, and more likely than not a safe bet to perform exceptionally game in, game out. Likewise, Killjoy, Raze, Sova, and Sage are also excellent choices for unrated and ranked play.

A Tier - Viper, Cypher, Astra, Reyna, Omen

Valorant Agent Viper
Viper rises to A Tier with recent buffs / Photo by Riot Games

What a return to glory for Viper. In recent patches, she's been getting consistently buffed and has now returned as a popular pick for those desiring more map control, even if she's more unwieldy than other Controllers in the roster. Cypher is still the strongest Agent when it comes to gathering information about the opposing team, so he's a lock for this tier. Perhaps most interesting here is the inclusion of Astra, Valorant's newest Agent. Because she's still so new, it's still hard to gauge the best and most effective strategies with her. Effectiveness with her will likely come down to the skill of the player, and how much they are willing to think outside of the box when using her.

B Tier - Phoenix, Skye, Breach, Brimstone

Valorant Agent Phoenix
Phoenix's position as an above average Agent stays steady / Photo by Riot Games

With the B Tier, you'll find solid, if uninspired choices for matches. Phoenix is still a handy all-rounder, especially with his ultimate, but being a generalist as opposed to a specialist may hurt him going forward. Skye is alright with healing and engaging, but has generally been considered as reliant on team play, which doesn't matter as much with a dedicated team, but solo queue players may become frustrated with using her, depending on how much their random teammates desire to cooperate. Breach and Brimstone are also valuable Agents as well, with Brim's versatility on both offense and defense, and Breach's high-level ability to initiate and counter effectively.

C Tier - Yoru

Valorant Agent Yoru
Yoru's performance still remains disappointing / Photo by Riot Games

All by his lonesome in C Tier lies Yoru, a tragedy of an Agent. Fans might have had high hopes coming into Patch 2.08 regarding buffs for him, but nothing has changed. It's a shame, because he truly has the potential to be a high tier Duelist, with his unique ability set and his flexibility with both team play and solo queue. Unfortunately, it seems Yoru fans will have to wait for the next patch to see any changes in his game.