Valorant Patch 2.08 Weapon Tier List

How does your favorite weapon fare in Valorant's 2.08 patch?
How does your favorite weapon fare in Valorant's 2.08 patch? / Photo by Riot Games

With every new patch in Valorant, it's always worth examining how the ever-impressive arsenal of weaponry is buffed, nerfed, or just stay's the same. With Valorant's 2.08 patch, that sentiment still remains the same. While the new map Breeze is the main focus of this patch, it would be absent-minded to neglect the weapons and guns in the game. Here's how the weapons in Valorant stack up now.

Valorant Patch 2.08 Weapon Tier List

S Tier - Operator, Vandal, Phantom

Did you expect anything different? These three guns are still the strongest in the game, and Patch 2.08 certainly didn't change that. The Operator remains the most powerful weapon, and the Phantom and Vandal provide remarkable versatility in use, performing exceptionally on both offense and defense. There's no debate here.

A Tier - Spectre, Sheriff, Odin, Ghost, Bucky

Again in A Tier, there really isn't a whole lot of discussion to be had here. The Spectre is still considered to be the best SMG in the current meta, and the Sheriff still deals the most damage out of all the pistols, even though the Ghost is more versatile when it comes to pistol rounds. On maps with close chokepoints and hallways, the Odin can devastate teams if they aren't properly prepared, making racking up multi-kills a common occurrence. Some players may quibble about whether the Bucky or Judge is the best shotgun in the game, but the Bucky is still the cheapest primary, and in close combat, it can ruin an opponent player's game. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal choice and preference.

B Tier - Judge, Frenzy, Stinger, Marshal, Bulldog

The weapons in B Tier are all viable options. We already covered the Judge a little bit, but it's definitely a superb shotgun, with the full auto providing consistent damage to opponent players. The Frenzy is low cost, high damage, albeit not quite as popular as it once was. The Marshal is a suitable alternative to the Operator, with some drawbacks associated with its cheaper cost. The Stinger is similar in its relationship to the Spectre, but it lacks the long-distance accuracy that the Spectre possesses, with the Stinger being far more effective in close combat. The Bulldog is nearly as good as the Phantom and Vandal, but it's cheaper, and also offers a three-round burst for players to experiment with.

C Tier - Classic, Ares, Shorty, Guardian

The C Tier weapons are primarily situational, and as such, they offer very little versatility for players to work with. The Classic is easily the best option in this tier, mainly due to its free cost, which allows players to save their money for stronger weapons. The Ares can be looked at as a discount version of the Odin, with a lower fire rate to match. The Shorty can be valuable in low-cost rounds, but it pales in comparison to the Bucky and Judge. The Guardian has excellent wall penetration, but that's about it; its semi-automatic, and the other assault rifles are far more flexible and valuable in their use.