Valorant Patch 3.00 Weapon Tier List

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant's Patch 3.00 weapon tier list brings noticeable changes to how the game's arsenal functions, including nerfs and changes long wanted by fans. Price changes have received attention from developers, with many getting a discount in Episode 3. Combine the price changes with the ordinary game balancing done by the development team this go around, weapons in Valorant look a little different than they did before.

Valorant Patch 3.00 Weapon Tier List

S Tier - Operator, Vandal, Phantom

The big three stays together, with the main cannon of this group getting some love from developers. The Operator received a prominent price decrease, from 5000 down to 4700, letting players purchase the powerful sniper more often. The Vandal and Phantom weren't touched, so they're still top-tier options for all players.

A Tier - Spectre, Sheriff, Odin, Ghost, Judge

The weapons in A Tier didn't receive too many alterations, with the exception of the Judge. In addition to a price increase, the range on the Judge has been reduced, much to the delight of the player base. According to the developers, "We want the Judge to be a devastating, multi-fragging, close-range option," and these changes bring it closer in line with that ideal.

B Tier - Frenzy, Marshal, Bulldog, Bucky, Ares, Classic, Guardian

B Tier weapons got some love, with the Marshal, Bucky, Ares, and the Bulldog all getting price decreases. The Bulldog, beyond the price changes, is also getting a buff to its close range and mid-range capabilities, with the team hoping this makes the assault rifle more appealing to players.

C Tier - Shorty

C Tier is thinner than before, which is a good thing to be sure. Unfortunately, the Shorty just isn't a good gun. If you're in a pistol round, buying it is usually a poor decision, and with the price decrease to the Bucky, it just makes more sense to not select the Shorty. Right now, it remains at the bottom of our tier list.