Valorant Patch 3.02: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Patch 3.02 has finally arrived, and while it might not be as hefty as players had hoped, it's still better than nothing. Alongside bug fixes, the newest patch brings some changes like adjustments to clipping, making the game look better, and fixing volume sliders for your fellow teammates, letting you avoid having your eardrums blown out by a particularly loud ally. Here's everything in Valorant's Patch 3.02.

Valorant Patch 3.02: Everything You Need to Know

With Patch 3.01 not offering a tremendous amount of changes, many fans and players hoped that Patch 3.02 might introduce balancing for some Agents, most notably KAY/O. However, it seems that Riot Games is waiting just a bit longer to observe KAY/O, and then make a decision about how to balance him, without throwing the entire meta for a loop.

Right now, Valorant seems to be in a great position going forward. With new skins on the way via a League of Legends event, and Riot Games taking action against cheaters in Valorant's esports scene, there's not a lot that fans can complain about. Of course, that doesn't mean a few in the Valorant community won't try. For now, with a balanced roster and balanced arsenal, Valorant seems to be in great shape ahead of any changes with the upcoming Patch 3.03.