Valorant Patch 3.04 Release Date

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant Patch 3.04 release date is highly anticipated as Yoru players are eager to receive anticipated buffs to the duelist that were first revealed weeks ago. In the notes for Patch 3.03, developers announced that the changes would be delayed indefinitely. Will Patch 3.04 finally see the long needed buffs to Yoru?

While it has not been confirmed when Patch 3.04 will be released, Patch 3.03 came out on Aug. 10. Valorant patches come out sporadically ranging in various amount of weeks from each other, based on when developers feel that changes are needed. Knowing this, we can assume that Patch 3.04 will take a couple more weeks to release.

Valorant Patch 3.04 Release Date

Even though Patch 3.04 is not yet releasing for some time, we can assume that more adjustments to different agents will be released with it. Patch 3.03 focused mainly on game setting and system updates along with a bug fix to Viper that nerfed her ultimate ability.

Noted in the Patch 3.03 notes is an upcoming change to allow players to share their crosshair settings. With no definitive timeline on this change, if players get lucky this change could possibly ship in Patch 3.04.