Valorant Patch 3.08 Release Date: When is it?

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Players are now awaiting the release of the next Valorant Patch 3.08. Some of the content that may be coming with this patch, specifically changes to characters like Omen, is exciting much of the fanbase.

The main question is when is Patch 3.08 set to arrive?

Valorant Patch 3.08 Release Date: When is it?

Valorant Patch 3.08 is expected to be release sometime within the next week, most likely Oct. 18.

This patch will most likely be addressing bugs, but it is expected to possibly see some updates to Agents like Omen. This may be the last update before the end of the act as well, so Riot may save some of the more large scale important changes to gameplay or Agents for then.

After this Patch, the end of act update will most likely also be bringing the new Agent into the game. This Agent, likely named Deadeye, is expected to be added to the pool soon. While abilities are not known, most likely the next Agent will have some way to utilize a large gun seen with them in a teaser. Players can expect to see some game smoothing bugs and possibly Omen changes in Patch 3.08.