Valorant Patch 3.08 Tier List

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Valorant 3.08 Patch has just released, and while no Agents were changed in the patch, there is always a shifting of the meta going on in the game. Agents can enter or exit the meta week to week when players find new ways to use them, especially with the variety in maps in Valorant.

After this most recent patch before the wave of Agent changes coming with the next act, here is the Valorant Patch 3.08 Agent tier list.

Valorant Patch 3.08 Tier List

1. S Tier - Sova, Jett, Astra

These three Agents have been at the top for a long time now. Sova and Jett have been staples since launch, and Astra since her release earlier this year. Each of these Agents are irreplaceable in most situations, especially when considering the state of some of their roles. Sova is the best Agent in the game bar none. Jett is necessary to use the Operator, and will continue to be with her movement abilities. No controller can even touch Astra, in fact both Omen and Brimstone will find themselves much further down this list. Viper occupies a slightly different controller role than Astra as well, so she doesn't entirely compete with her either.

2. A Tier -Viper, Skye

These two Agents have carved out their own roles that can completely change the tide of games when played well. Viper can shut down entire lanes with her kit, and her post plant abilities leave her dangerous even when not having to take gunfights with her. Skye has occupied the space between initiator and duelist for a long time. With her most recent nerf she was brought more in line with being a true initiator, but her abilities are still as oppressive as ever. No other Agent can gather intel as efficiently as Skye, and with some practice she can still make plays off her own flashes, just not as easily as before.

3. B Tier - Killjoy, Reyna

Both of these Agents hold a more unique niche in the meta of Valorant. Killjoy is definitely the best Sentinel, but has found herself to be less impressive of an Agent as time has gone on since her release. Her turret and mollies are as useful as ever, but she is just not quite as dominant as she used to be. Reyna on the other hand has seen an uptick in playability, especially at the top level of play. Many of the pro Valorant teams have players they stick on Reyna so they can employ the "go kill" strategy made famous by Team Liquid. Reyna, when played by a truly talented aimer, can be the most dangerous Agent there is in Valorant.

4. C Tier - Cypher, Omen, Sage, KAY-O, Phoenix, Raze

All of these Agents are usable, but simply outdone by someone in their role above them on this list. No duelist is dethroning Jett anytime soon, and the same can be said for Astra in the controller category. Cypher has a useful kit, but unfortunately has the worst ultimate ability in the game. Sage simply is too niche of a character now, and her wall can simply be broken quickly the way it currently works. KAY-O may move up on this list very soon, but not having been able to see him used at the top level or very much at all since his flash buff, it remains to be seen where he will rank.

5. D Tier - Brimstone, Breach

Neither of these Agents bring much value to the team. Brimstone simply isn't good enough to use on any map as a controller. Any other Agent with smokes outclasses him. Breach on the other hand can be annoying, but he is a worse version of Skye, and there is really no use in picking him over her.

6. Yoru

Need we explain this? Yoru has been so bad for so long it only felt right to give him his own tier. He is basically useless in every sense of the word. While he can be fun to mess around with, he simply does not provide the amount of value needed to be a playable member of any team. Until his rework goes live, Yoru will stay down at the bottom of Valorant where he belongs.