Valorant Patch 3.12 Release Date

Photo courtesy ofRiot Games

The Valorant Patch 3.12 release date has been adjusted since Patch 3.11 has been canceled. With the recent news, the expectations of the new update are still in development, but many fans are expecting some major changes.

On Nov. 23, Valorant’s Twitter account had released a statement that the Valorant developers will be taking a short break and returning with Patch 3.12, meaning Patch 3.11 was canceled. Specifically stating that this new update will release in two weeks, which is projected to be Dec. 7.

Valorant Patch 3.12 Release Date

This break may prove to be necessary for the developers, especially since there were some mistakes that led to the developers pulling the new agent, Chamber, from his initial release in the final act of episode three, Reflection, to later being introduced in Patch 3.10 because of issues in development. 

Even though Chamber is playable in-game, that doesn’t mean he is perfect in any way. The fact is that many players have found problems with Chamber, either being too overpowered or having some glitches that the developers missed.

Fans also hope that some kind of update regarding Yoru comes in Patch 3.12. Yoru has desperately needed a rework since released as he's fallen so low on tier lists. Other agents just outclass what he can do on a map. Riot Games needs to rework his kit so he can start fitting in either as a niche pick or a full-on meta agent.