Valorant Patch 6.06: Full List of Changes

Valorant Patch 6.06 is here with adjustments to Gekko and Wingman.
Valorant Patch 6.06 is here with adjustments to Gekko and Wingman. / Riot Games

Valorant Patch 6.06 is now live with more bug fixes to Gekko and Wingman.

Episode 6 Act II introduced a new Initiator that is still being perfected by developers. Patch 6.05 included many adjustments to Gekko and his crew of creatures, and Patch 6.06 is no different. The patch is a relatively smaller update before the highly anticipated Altitude skins drop tomorrow.

Here's a breakdown of all the changes coming with the latest patch, per Riot Games.

Valorant Patch 6.06: Full List of Changes

Agent Updates: Gekko

  • Mosh Pit's damage to objects has been reduced from 2.5x to 1x after performing inconsistently with relative abilities such as KAY/0's FRAG/ment (C) and Breach's Aftershock (C).
  • Wingman (Q) will now always die if he is last alive.

Map Updates: Lotus

  • The destructible door located between A Link to A Main will now be easier to see through as it falls away.

Gameplay Systems Updates

  • Added the ability to hide Agent outlines and fresnel (the color outline on Agents) by toggling "Hide Outlines and Fresnel" in General Settings.

Bug Fixes: Agents

  • Wingman can no longer concuss intangible players.

Bug Fixes: Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed a bug where loading into a match resulted in an incorrect view of under the map.

Bug Fixes: Social

  • Fixed a bug preventing players from sending whispers starting with a Circumflex Accent ^.
  • Muting someone will now properly suppress ping icons.
  • Fixed a bug where the voice chat UI was obscured when a player's Agent was blinded.
  • Fixed a bug where the join party button would still be active even though the party invite was no longer valid.
  • The number of people a friend is in a party with will now display correctly when searching the friends list.
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling the social panel would sometimes scroll other UI elements like the Agent carousel.
  • Friends list will no longer be obscured when auto-reject friend requests is enabled.