Valorant Patch Notes 1.04: 5 Changes We Don't Want

Here are five things we don't want to change for Valorant Patch 1.04
Here are five things we don't want to change for Valorant Patch 1.04 / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant Patch 1.04 is expected to hit live servers soon and while there are some things we want to change, here are five things we don't want to change in the new Valorant update.

Valorant Patch Notes 1.04: 5 Changes we don't want

5 - Nerfs to both Sage and Cypher

Some players may want to see nerfs to the best agents in the game, especially with a new agent rumored to make an appearance. However, these two add an element to the game that goes unrivaled, so nerfing them into the ground could prove to be a mistake for devs.

4 - Surrendering in Competitive Mode

As of now, surrendering in competitive mode requires the vote to be unanimous. With the stakes being much higher for competitive games, forfeiting a game could come with greater consequences.

3 - Overtime format

The overtime format was adjusted in Valorant Patch 1.03 from a sudden death format to a win-by-two set up for competitive matches. While the sudden death option is still used for Unrated, the win-by-two has been well received by the community and has added a new element to competitive matches.

2 - Unbalanced nerfs

Viper and Jett continue to be low on most tier lists and while Viper is scheduled to receive nerfs, hopefully, these lower usage agents don't receive unbalanced nerfs that make them overpowered.

1 - Nerf for the Operator

The Operator continues to be a high skill cap but powerful weapon and although players have begun to complain about its power, it's supposed to be strong. Snipers in tactical shooters have always been powerful and so the Operator should not be nerfed just for the sake of balancing the meta.