Valorant Player Shows Off Incredible Jett Trick on Ascent

Jett can go flying on Ascent with this trick
Jett can go flying on Ascent with this trick / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

A recent Reddit post by user u/SplendidCJ showed off an incredible new strategy for Jett on Ascent. Valorant players have continuously found new ways to break the game using mobile champions like Raze and Jett. Recently Jett has been the culprit of multiple map exploits, and this newest one by SplendidCJ could prove to be highly useful.

Whether calling this an exploit is truly an accurate description of the clip is dubious, but for simplicity’s sake, we will call it an exploit. In the Reddit clip SplendidCJ shows off a way that Jett can fly into the middle of the map using her dash. This could be used in a myriad of situations, but with her ult, it becomes especially deadly. With her ultimate out, Jett can have perfect accuracy while flying around. This could easily lead to a few quick kills.

Jett's Trick: How to Execute it

This trick is less useful with a regular weapon, but it would still be hilarious to fly at unsuspecting enemies trying to rush through with the spike. Executing the trick itself is fairly difficult, given 10 minutes in the game we could only execute it a few times. Luckily with practice, it becomes a fairly consistent and simple move to execute. Jett can only do this on the defender’s side. In truth, it can be executed from the defender’s spawn so it is possible to do in on attack, but getting there would be its own trial.

To do the trick, start at the defender’s spawn and go into the back right. Take up a position on the bench, then aim exactly as the Reddit clip shows. Stand still then press E and it should send Jett flying into the middle of the map. If landing the dash is difficult try jumping right as the dash goes off, sometimes if one’s aim is incorrect then jumping can still shoot her up high.