Valorant Premier Open Beta Rewards

Riot Games

Valorant Premier Open Beta rewards were revealed Apr. 17 alongside a release date and more information.

Premier is Valorant's version of League of Legends' popular Clash mode. Premier serves as the next step for those playing standard competitive wanting a bit more edge and something on the line in their matches. It also serves as a great tool to get players more interested in the profesional side of the game.

Premier is set to go into Open Beta globally between Apr. 25 - May 23 with special rewards on the line.

Valorant Premier Open Beta Rewards

Players can earn the following during the Premier Open Beta:

  • Premier Beta Participation Player Card
  • Premier Beta Participation Title
  • Premier Beta Champions Player Card
  • Premier Beta Champions Title

Competing in at least one match will earn players the first two rewards. Winning a Premier Beta will net players the latter two. Players who meet either requirement will unlock their rewards by logging into Valorant the next day. Expect rewards to increase once the game mode goes live in full this August.

League of Legends' Clash mode rewards players with special profile customization items, but also champion skins for those who go deep in brackets.