Valorant Prime Gaming Rewards January 2022

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant Prime Gaming rewards for January 2022 has introduced the Bruno Coin Spray. This adorable cryptocurrency dogecoin has been the first reward into the new year, but that doesn’t mean it's the only item that is expected to come, as more will appear in Valorant’s Prime Gaming free store in February.

Valorant Prime Gaming Rewards January 2022

The Bruno coin spray will be the main free reward that Valorant will release with Prime Gaming coming into the new year. It can be claimed on the Prime Gaming website and can be found on the Valorant launcher page.

With the new year there are also new players who are being introduced to the game or are finally playing, and no matter the skill level, nothing is better than hearing the words “free” to get items and goodies. But in order to reap the rewards, players must have an active Amazon Prime account in order to link their Prime Gaming account to Valorant.

But what is to come in the Prime Gaming rewards for Valorant in February 2022 will include two weapon skins, two-player cards, four gun buddies, and four sprays. The details of these items are unknown, but hopefully, Riot Games will not disappoint its Prime Gaming audience, especially in the new year.