Valorant PROTOCOL_781-A Skin Bundle Release Date

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant PROTOCOL_781-A skin bundle release date is Jan. 12. The first skin bundle of the year, this set will be released in the upcoming Act 4 Episode 1.

The trailer was recently released after being leaked, taking place in an apocalyptic Valorant world where robocops take over. The trailer revealed a sleek metallic black and red highlight set that has some very interesting characteristics.

Valorant PROTOCOL_781-A Skin Bundle Release Date

The new skin bundle set of the year, PROTOCOL_781-A, will be released with the upcoming act 4, episode 1 around Jan. 12 to Jan. 19. Originally leaked, it was later revealed by Riot with a trailer presenting this new bundle in a dystopian setting, with robots enacting order in this revised Valorant world.

The trailer, released on Jan. 6, showed examples of the skin set in-game, with a variety of colors other than red, and a unique feature of a localized voice-over that communicates with its user, which is a first for a Valorant skin bundle.

The price of the bundle has not yet been released, but players should learn more about it as Jan. 12 approaches, especially as this new act, Disruption, will be bringing new changes to the game.