Valorant Purchase History: How to Check

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant purchase history can be hard to find, especially for players who can not keep their hands off the next bundle, or first-time buyers who want to see where their money is going. Most purchases usually come from buying skins or buying the battle pass. Both give players special customization options for their arsenals and can give a unique personality to the default design that comes with Valorant.

Of course, being that it is a free-to-play game, players are willing to spend a couple of dollars on customization options.

Valorant Purchase History: How to Check

When in regards to Valorant, players can buy in-game currency to acquire bundles and skins as well as the battle pass, which also lets players earn skins.

Tracking a player’s purchase history can be hard to find for Valorant players, as it is not found in-game. Instead, players will need to go to this link.

After heading over to the Valorant site to track purchase history, simply click on “Get My Purchase History” and it will provide what has been spent over the period of having an active account with Riot.