Valorant Ranked Mode Coming to Closed Beta

Gameplay captured from Valorant
Gameplay captured from Valorant / Riot Games

Valorant ranked mode mode is coming to Riot Games' newest first-person tactical shooter, Valorant, according to the Game Director Joe Ziegler.

Development for this mode, known only as "Rated" mode, was confirmed in a tweet by Ziegler on Apr. 10 in which he replied to another user asking for "ranked" in the closed beta. The user explained that "unrated solo queue" is too difficult for them.

Valorant Ranked Mode

This is a common complaint from players everywhere. Though still in development, it's important for titles in this genre to have a system where each individual is assigned a rank based on skill. This not only keeps the game enjoyable for new players, but also challenges more experienced players in matches.

The ranking system for Valorant has already been released at the time of writing. It has been noted that it resembles League of Legends in function, which makes sense as the two come from the same company. It's unlikely that any progress made in the closed beta will carry over to the live game once released.

It's likely we'll see a ranked mode coming to Valorant in the next month or so.

Currently, Valorant's closed beta has placed all its players in a single solo queue by which matches are formed by drawing randomly. A brand new player could end up facing down someone who's been an FPS fan since conception and vice versa. It can be particularly frustrating for those just trying to have a good time when they're faced with an uneven battlefield.