Valorant Raze Nerf Detailed for Patch 1.04

Raze is receiving an oft nerf in patch 1.04
Raze is receiving an oft nerf in patch 1.04 / Photo by Riot Games

Valorant Raze nerf is set to come in Patch 1.04 after comments from a Riot Games developer.

Ahead of its July 21 release we're already finding out a little bit about Patch 1.04 and it looks like there's a nerf in the cards for Raze. Raze has always been a little bit odd in terms of play style.

Since all of her abilities are dedicated to damage dealing, she stands out from the rest of the much more gun play based roster. Her abilities have been seen as a bit of a problem area for the game for a while and a nerf was inevitable.

Valorant Raze Nerf Detailed for Patch 1.04

According to Valorant character design lead Ryan "Morello" Scott during a Twitch livestream, the nerfs will be focused on her rocket and satchel, "I think doing some more work on the rocket to have more counterplay while still being a high-impact kill moment is something I want to do." Riot would like to scale back some of her more problematic abilities while still keeping up some of the high impact. Raze's unique movement options will remain untouched, Scott stating, "Movement is fine, you can keep your cool zoomer movement, I’m not going to fun police that."

Raze was criticized as being overpowered during the beta with her rocket launcher ultimate and cluster grenades. She's since been tuned, but more changes are apparently on the way.