Valorant Recon Bundle Revealed

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

With the new Valorant 3.04 Patch releasing Aug. 24, there has been new information coming out about future bundles entering the game. This new skin bundle, however, comes with quite a different feeling about it than any other before it. The Recon Bundle comes with the long awaited Butterfly Knife, a knife skin that players have been clamoring for ever since Valorant launched.

Valorant Recon Bundle Revealed

This new bundle has interesting twists to the weapons it provides, apart from the three variant colorways coming with it. Every weapon in this pack will add new attachments upon leveling the skins up. These will not impact gunplay, but will provide a unique experience every time a player uses the gun. There is no special tracer, animation, or sound effect with these skins and the price of the reflects that. Each weapon can be purchased for about 1,775 Valorant Points, and the whole set can be purchased for 7,100.

There will be players who purchase the whole bundle, but the Butterfly Knife should end up being one of the items bought separately and frequently from the bundle. The knife will also have three variants, which includes different colors of camouflage. This highly anticipated bundle will be reaching the store after the Sakura Bundle finishes its run on Aug. 26.