Valorant Release Date Announced

Valorant is set to release Summer 2020.
Valorant is set to release Summer 2020. / Image courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant Release Date was revealed on the game's Twitter page Monday giving those who have been waiting for the release some excitement.

The game is an online multiplayer first-person shooter created Riot Games/.

Valorant was revealed as Project A during the League of Legends 10th anniversary event. It was one of the biggest announcements to come out of the event considering it's the first new IP the company has developed since League of Legends.

Valorant Release Date Revealed

Fans got a good glimpse of what it has to offer in some alpha footage. It includes familiar gameplay to Counter-Strike and Call of Duty to go along with character abilities.

While there is no exact month and day determined for the game's release yet, the game is set to release this summer. Fans should also expect a beta to be released beforehand letting players test out the game before full release.

The game features an economy system and a best-of-24 round structure. There is an attacking and a defending team similar to CS:GO and Call of Duty's Search and Destroy mode.