Valorant's Newest Agent Killjoy Announced

One of Killjoy's abilities includes launching a turret.
One of Killjoy's abilities includes launching a turret. | Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Killjoy has been announced as the newest Valorant agent and extends the lineup to 12 agents. The arrival of the engineer was announced through a brief reveal trailer on the official Valorant Twitter page.

Here is a break down of Killjoy's abilities and what you can expect from the the engineer hailing from Germany.

What to Expect From Killjoy

Details regarding Killjoy's abilities have not officially been released by Riot Games but after Riot's website briefly displayed descriptions and clips of her abilities, one can get a good grasp of what they entail.

Killjoy's abilities:

1. "Alarmbot"

The "Alarmbot" can be set down in any location and detonates when enemies come into range. Similar to Cypher's abilities, the "Alarmbot" can be recalled and redistributed.

2. Turret

Killjoy's miniature turret can be placed down and has a 180 degree range of fire. Similarly to the "Alarmbot", it can be recalled. Killjoy's control over her abilities could make her a dangerous threat for an attacking team.

3. "Nanoswarm" Grenade

This explosive device detonates into a circular field of damage, the duration of the damage has yet to be determined but this ability could be similar to Raze's grenade.

4. "Lockdown"

Killjoy's ultimate ability is quite unique as she deploys a device that emits a force field that traps enemies within its reach for eight seconds. Similar to most other agent's devices, it can be destroyed

Killjoy will release alongside the much anticipated Act 2 of Valorant on Aug. 4.