Valorant Sage Player Reveals New Wall Strategy on Bind

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Sage is an agent that has had trouble finding her place in the Valorant meta in recent months. Players, however, have not stopped playing her and attempting to find new strategies to bring her back into viability. A recent Reddit post by user u/Sprouzy highlighted a new wall spot for Sage on Bind.

The Sage Wall Strategy

As with every other agent in the game, Sage players have devised a myriad of strategies on every map to have her provide the maximum utility to her team. This wall, at the A site on Bind, has Sage placing her wall, in what may be a glitch, on top of boxes while jumping to boost herself (and any teammates) up onto boxes not usually accessible by many agents.

Someone like Jett or Omen could reach this spot already with their mobility, but Sage could potentially boost multiple people onto this spot and have more mobile agents play from other angles.

Another advantage of this wall is that it blocks off a sightline to Heaven for approaching enemies. Typically, attackers can see straight to the highest spot in the site from the doorway into the site. With this wall placement, it become a one-way sightline. Only the defenders can see their enemies coming in.

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Keep in mind that this wall blocks off the less popular entryway into the site; more often attackers will opt to use other entrances, but this is still a useful boost that gives defenders an excellent sight line on both entrances to the site from the enemy spawn.