Valorant Set to Launch in China Following Government Approval

Riot Games

Riot Games' Valorant will officially launch in China in 2023, after being approved by the Chinese government.

Valorant has seen a lot of success since launching in 2020, having taken over the tactical hero shooter scene and found a place as an esports staple. The game has maintained a healthy player base over the years, too, with it only set to increase when it becomes available to play in China.

Yesterday, the Chinese government’s National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) released their their list of approved titles ahead of 2023. The list contains a large number of domestic titles, and foreign titles, including Valorant.

Games often face a lengthy approval process before becoming available to the Chinese market, with some occurring years after initial release.

Valorant is listed as "fearless covenant."
Valorant is listed as "fearless covenant." / NPPA

It's worth noting that Valorant isn't listed by its official name in the document, instead called "fearless covenant."

The list has been translated from simplified Chinese to English via Google Translator.

Riot Games has yet to formally announce Valorant's release in China, but the news will no doubt be welcome to gamers in China.