Valorant Shotgun Trick Will Help Improve Your Efficiency

New Valorant Bucky shotgun trick will help your gameplay
New Valorant Bucky shotgun trick will help your gameplay / Courtesy of Riot Games

A Valorant shotgun trick with the Bucky was posted on Reddit and will maximize your efficiency with the weapon. The Bucky is the cheaper of the two available shotguns in the game (ignoring the Shotgun-Pistol hybrid Shorty) costing you 900 credits. It is pump-action and can shoot five times before requiring you to reload.

It's a situational weapon, but is a pretty solid choice to grab if you have some extra credits on a save, or plan to hold one of the many tight corners Valorant maps have.

Valorant Shotgun Trick

The trick was posted on Reddit by u/ArfieCat and they decribe it as a game-breaking exploit, but although a helpful trick, it surely won't be the difference between you winning or losing a match.

Shown in the video below, when shooting with the Bucky, there are 55 frames between your first and second shots, your second and third shots, etc. And, it also takes over three seconds to reload five shells. What ArfieCat found was that if you reload in between each shot, slotting in one shell after you fire another, you will still have 55 frames in between each shots.

So, instead of pumping the shotgun, you reload which allows you to never have to waste the valuable time it takes to reload the entire weapon.

Now, as we said above, this isn't very game-breaking as you will almost never been in a fight that lasts as long as it would take to fire all 15 shots, and it only costs 600 more credits to opt for a more powerful shotgun with a higher fire rate.

As one commenter said, "Sure it can save some time after a fight, but it isn't winning rounds that easily on its own, it's just a minor optimization." At the end of the day, you won't be at a disadvantage not knowing this trick, but it sure wouldn't do you harm to adopt the technique.