Valorant Smurf Detection Update Explained

Riot Games

Smurfs are not fun to deal with. Nobody wants to get outplayed just because someone created an alternate account to use against legitimate new players. The problem became so prominent in games like Valorant that Riot Games had to implement substantial patches to address the issues.

Valorant Smurf Detection Explained

In an article recently posted on Valorant's website, Riot Games address what changes the community can expect going forward in 2023 to address smurfs. Riot Games proclaimed that the automatic smurf detection system they created earlier in the year has been promising.

After adding the system in Valorant, Riot Games stated that smurfs were sent to their appropriate MMR in as little as four matches. One of the goals Riot Games wants to continue to push is to lower the incentive for players to make alternative accounts in the first place. The release of Patch 3.10 allows players of any rank to 5-stack together. Riot Games believes that a large reason for smurf accounts being made is so players can play with friends competitively.

Other measures made to curb smurfs include the introduction of a new mode Premier which will offer players a new way to compete with friends. The quality of the automatic smurf detection methodology will also continue to be updated so it finds smurfs faster.

Riot Games promises to continue efforts to slow boosting, account sharing, and account purchasing in 2023 to hopefully contain smurfs. The issue can be a tricky one to stop but it is nice to know that Riot Games won't stop trying to slow it.