Valorant Spectrum Skin Line Revealed in Partnership With Zedd

Photo by Riot Games

The Valorant Spectrum skin line was revealed Sept. 7 as a special drop in the item shop in collaboration with musician Zedd.

Riot Games first teased the collaboration on Sept. 6. "Valorant has teamed up with Zedd to turn up the volume on something we can't wait to get into your hands. Join us for a special unveiling event," the developer said in a promotional image. Fans immediately suspected that this would be a skin line for weapons. The reveal confirmed those suspicions showcasing a vibrant line of five weapon skins.

Valorant Spectrum Skin Line Revealed in Partnership With Zedd

"Inspired by the intersection of sound and color spectrums, the SPECTRUM skin is a high-energy, futuristic-looking skin line driven by electronic audio visualization elements. SPECTRUM is VALORANT’s first audio-driven skin line, and was developed in collaboration with Grammy award-winning artist, producer, DJ, and Immortal-ranked VALORANT player, Zedd," Riot Games said in a press release.

The bundle features skins for the following weapons:

  • Bulldog - three-round burst rifle
  • Guardian - single shot rifle
  • Phantom - silenced, automatic rifle
  • Classic - single-shot, default pistol
  • Waveform - melee weapon

According to the press release, the skin set is featured in the XE (Exclusive Edition) tier. The entire bundle costs 10,700 Valorant Points. Each of the weapons features four levels and three variants to further customize them. Additionally, the Waveform melee weapon features two levels and three variants.