Valorant Spectrum Skin Release Date

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Valorant is adding to its growing collection of unique skins once again. After many bundles of in game content, the game is branching out to do real world collaborations. For this new bundle, Riot Games is collaborating with popular artist Zedd to bring music and gaming together in five new skins.

Valorant Spectrum Skin Release Date

The new pack of skins, known as the Spectrum Bundle, is one of the more unique sets seen in Valorant's lifespan. These skins will go live just before the next act comes out, with the full bundle being made available on Sept. 8, with all of the skins launching for a bundle price of 10,700 VP. This will launch two days before the next battle pass and act come out, and will most likely be in the store for the usual period of a few weeks.

All of the weapons come with upgradable effects and four color variants to choose from. The gun also has a never-before-seen type of inspect, in which after being activated the player will be played a beat made by Zedd in collaboration with Valorant. This song only plays while inspecting the weapons, so players won't have to worry about the new bundle being a distraction in game.