Valorant Spike Rush: What is it?

Valorant is live with Spike Rush, a new first-to-four gamemode
Valorant is live with Spike Rush, a new first-to-four gamemode / Courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant Spike Rush is the newest game mode added for the game's official launch. It brings the total of Valorant's unique game modes to two. Valorant's release will not have ranked 5-vs-5, but will only have unranked 5v5 and Spike Rush.

The community hoped that Valorant's newest game mode would serve as a great way to quickly warm up before entering ranked like Counter-Strike's deathmatch, but it seems like Spike Rush is not that mode.

Valorant Spike Rush: What is it?

Spike Rush is first to four rounds with half time occurring after three rounds and will have players switching sides. Loadouts are random every round, but are consistent across every player in the game.

The map has power-up orbs—similar to ultimate orbs in 5-vs-5—that when activated will give the player extra stats like super speed, weapon that decay enemy armor and health, or even just more powerful weapons. Planting and defusing is just as normal 5-vs-5 game modes.

The community response is not incredibly positive. Although this game mode provides a nice change of pace from the tense ranked game, players were hoping for a deathmatch mode or something that will allow them to pick their weapon and warm up their aim more concisely. The variety of weapons in Spike Rush and unique power ups means players won't be getting a lot of practice that applies into a ranked mode.