Valorant Split Changes Detailed for Patch 6.0

Riot Games

Riot Games revealed multiple changes coming to Valorant map Split in Patch 6.0.

Split was removed from the Competitive Queue and Unrated map pools back in Episode 5 Act I in favor of Pearl. The map was criticized by the Valorant community for a lack of attacking options for both sites. Six months later, Riot Games revealed the full list of updates to Split before it returns to the Competitive Queue map pool in Patch 6.0.

Valorant Split Changes Detailed for Patch 6.0

Let's take a look at the changes coming to Split in Valorant Patch 6.0:

A Main

The A Main space has been opened up a bit wider by the addition of a platform that runs all the way to the corner. That should open up more lines of sight and angles for attacking players to choose from while making defenders worry about multiple peeks.

A Tower

A Tower's steps when approaching from the defensive side have been shrunk and rotated. Instead of two sets of stairs and a ramp in the middle facing inward, it's now a single set of sairs facing window overlooking B Site.

B Site

B Site has been opened up underneath B Tower. The ledge has been extended with an angled corner opening up new angles for players to worry about on both attack and defense.

B Tower

The main change to B Tower was the removal of the trashcan facing the defending side. Players should not be able to jump on top of the box anymore from that side, while players coming from middle are able to.

Mid Bottom

The final changes are to Mid Bottom. The ledge around the platform next to the steps has been removed which should open up some jump spots for players to create new angles and lines of sight. As well, there's a new jump spot at the base of the wall next to the steps.