Valorant Squad Boost Double XP Active Until Jan. 5

Photo courtesy Riot Games

Valorant double XP is active until Jan. 5, giving players some time to find a squad and build up experience. Initially starting on Dec. 22, this event hopes to continue bringing that jolly spirit by having friends play a game of Valorant while earning some extra XP, especially for those who want to unlock specific agent items.

Valorant Squad Boost Double XP Active Until Jan. 5

The Squad Boost holiday event comes back again, where players have to play in a party in order to reap the benefits that come with the event. Leveling up will come in handy for those who seek to claim all of the special rewards that specific agents have to offer. May it be player banners, titles, or even actual weapon skins, this double experience event may not seem like much, but it can benefit any player.

The event was first introduced in the Valorant Year One Events, celebrating when Valorant was first released to the public.

The Squad Boost event encourages players to play with their friends, or teach friends who have never played Valorant before so they're more acquainted with the game.