Valorant State of the Agents Addresses Patch 3.06 Changes

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Valorant State of the Agents was published Sept. 27 to discuss the changes and results of Patch 3.06. The patch featured prominent changes to three agents - Jett, Skye, and KAY/O.

Character Producer for Valorant John Goscicki writes about the goals and motivations for the recent changes along with teasing new information about upcoming changes to the game. One of the new pieces of information is about the next agent being worked on.

Valorant State of the Agents Changes

Jett has easily risen to the top of the list for best duelists. Patch 3.06 nerfed two aspects of her kit - her right click on her ultimate ability and her smokes. By nerfing the effectiveness of her right click, Jett players have to be more precise when hitting the X button. The change allowing Jett to have a max of three smokes to two means players have to be more intentional about throwing her clouds down to provide cover.

Skye has also been featured as the game's most prominent initiator since her release. By nerfing her flash and ultimate, Riot is tuning down her ability to initiate against enemies and quickly turn into a duelist right after. KAY/O was buffed a tiny bit as well to bump his strength in the initiator category.

Finally, new details about Yoru's upcoming changes were touched on but not by much. There is no confirmation on when they will roll out or what they are. Riot did give some information on the newest agent, a sentinel with a focus on gunplay so that players who value shooting more than abilities can pick up a new class as well.