Valorant State of the Agents Feb. 8: More Changes to Yoru in the Works

Image courtesy of Riot Games

More updates to Yoru have been revealed as part of Valorant's latest State of the Agents.

Following on from the first part of Yoru's updates, revealed in a State of the Agents last year, Riot Games has detailed more of the in-progress changes that will be making their way to the Duelist.

For the most part, this round of changes focuses on changing the way Yoru's abilities work, giving them a bit of a rework that could see more players pick up this Agent. From Fakeout to Dimensional Drift, these changes could serve Yoru players a lot better going forward.

Below, we've highlighted the all of the updates that Riot Games has in the works for Yoru.

Valorant State of the Agents Feb. 8: More Changes to Yoru in the Works


This basic ability, which previously mimicked the sound of Yoru’s footsteps to mislead enemies, has now been to a full copy of Yoru. The fake Yoru runs forward and, when damaged, explodes and debuffs enemies.

When the fake Yoru is hit, it flashes towards the person who made the hit in a conal direction. In order to ensure that teammates aren't fooled by the technique, they'll be able to see which Yoru is real and which is fake. Enemies will see an identical copy, so they'll need to be extra careful.


As for Yoru's signature ability, Riot Games has stated that not much has been changed from the last update, aside from some additional art elements being created.

In a recent blog post, Riot Games detailed: "The big thing here is the “puddle” left on the ground after a fake teleport. While the goal of the fake teleport is to create confusion about Yoru’s location, you should be able to go to where the fake teleport occurred, and then understand whether the real Yoru is around, or was it a misdirection?"

Dimensional Drift

For Yoru's ultimate ability, the following changes are currently in the works:

  • Yoru is no longer revealed to enemies
  • Yoru is able to cast all utility while in Dimensional Drift
  • Enemies can hear Yoru’s footsteps
  • Nearsighted is removed
  • Unequip delay time is increased slightly
  • Cast delay added when casting Dimensional Drift, preventing the invulnerability frame on cast.

"When looking at updating Yoru’s ultimate, we wanted to fix some of the unintended play patterns that have shown up in-game, and instead give Yoru the tools to gain ground on enemies using stealth and initiate the rest of his team to follow."

"oru can now see the battlefield unhindered, allowing him to enter enemy zones, take in the state of the map and mastermind a play— based around Yoru’s change that allows abilities during his ult."

Riot Games has said that they are aiming to launch this Yoru rework during Episode 4 Act II. With this in mind, it's likely that players won't have too long to wait to see all of these changes in action.