Valorant Patch 6.02 Stinger Changes Detailed

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Much like League of Legends, Valorant has patch updates every two weeks to keep the gam feeling fresh and balanced. These patches can include alterations to maps, guns, or agents.

Due to the cyber attack a couple weeks ago targeting Riot Games, it has been a few weeks since the most recent update. In order to make up for this delay, Riot announced that Patch 6.02 would release tomorrow and Patch 6.03 will release next week.

One of the best performing guns currently is the Stinger, as Riot said it is performing too well for its price. Therefore, tomorrow's update will bring changes to the Stinger that makes it less cost efficient.

How will the Stinger be changed?

Valorant Stinger Changes Detailed

There will be two alterations to the current Stinger, including damage fall-off and price.

The cost of the Stinger was 950 credits, but that will be increased to 1,100. This will disallow players from abusing the efficiency of the Stinger in the early rounds, and it will be harder to buy it during save rounds.

The damage fall-off will also hurt the gun, as it will experience less ranged damage. The Stinger used to deal 27 damage up to 20 meters away, and it did 25 damage from any further. Now, it will do 27 damage up to 15 meters away, while just doing 23 damage from any longer range.

It is not the biggest nerf of all time, but the cost increase will definitely impact the popularity of the Stinger and help balance the game.