Valorant Swiftplay Beta Explained

"Please jump in, help us test this new game mode, and give us your feedback!"
"Please jump in, help us test this new game mode, and give us your feedback!" / Riot Games

With the launch of Patch 5.12, the game's last update of 2022, Riot Games has finally added a new mode in Valorant — Swiftplay Beta.

For those wondering just what this odd-named mode is and if it's any good, here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about Swiftplay Beta in Valorant.

Valorant Swiftplay Beta: What is it?

As shown in the 40-second trailer, which is populated with sayings such as "More Games" and "Less Time," Swiftplay Beta is essentially a condensed version of Valorant's standard 5v5 Unrated mode.

Swiftplay Beta still has a single Spike carrier, supports Weapon and Credit carryover, doles out standard Kill bonuses (+200c) and Spike Plant bonuses (+300c), and implements sudden death overtime rules.

What makes the mode "swift" however, is that it's first team to five rounds wins with 4-round halves, and it has a structured Credits system to simulate the natural amount of buy rounds that take place in full-length matches:

  • First round: everyone gets 800c
  • Second round: 2,400c (Not including 600c bonus for winning pistol)
  • Third round: 4,250c
  • Fourth round: 4,250c

Ultimately, with Swiftplay Beta matches designed to only last around 15 minutes, it does seem to cater to those who want something more serious than Spike Rush and Replication, but still not as taxing as Unrated and Competitive can be.

The Swiftplay Beta is live in Valorant until Jan. 10, 2023.